Perfect Deals for the Best UPVC Doors Now

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Your front door has a vital role in your home. She dresses and protects you, so she must be chosen carefully. Yes, but which model to choose for its front door? Which material? What is the price of a front door? Do not panic, we answer all your questions to help you make the best choice.

The front door is the first thing your guests see; she welcomes them and offers a first glimpse of your home. Not content to play this role with visitors, it also protects the house or apartment temperatures, positive or negative. Indeed its protective and insulating role is more to prove and depending on the material chosen, it is more or less. This is one of the elements eligible for funding for renovation work.

Its style should be chosen with care, but also its resistance, because it must also protect you from possible burglars. The Kent upvc front doors are there for you also.

How to choose your door? Elements to take into account

Your front door is one of the first elements of your home that your visitors discover. It reveals many things: style, look, color, materials and options. There are so many possibilities to customize it that reflects the style of the house.

It must be perfectly chosen to withstand multiple daily openings, but also attempts (we do not wish it) possible break-in. Better to be predicting than having to pay the price!

Whether your future door is glazed, PVC or aluminum, it must meet a minimum of reassuring points to protect your property, your family and meet the expectations of insurers.

The choice of material

The front door plays on the style of your home. Imagine that this is a wooden door and then an aluminum door, the visual effect is not the same. The characteristics either. Thus, each gateway material has its own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the material of your entrance door also means choosing acoustic and thermal insulation performances.

  • Depending on your existing or future frames, coordinate everything to have a harmonious whole. The ideal is to have a front door, a garage door and a portal / gate coordinated together.
  • Your front door can be made of the following materials: wood, pvc, aluminum, glass or glass, composite.

Entrance door with thirds and transoms

Depending on your tastes but also the chosen material, the front door may be more or less full. The trends are glazing and contemporary openings, because it is not uncommon to have a dark entrance:

Solid door: it is more massive and resistant, but does not allow the light to penetrate inside the house,

Semi-glazed door: glazed openings allow the light of day to enter. These openings can be of classic type or form contemporary drawings like scrolls on the door,

Glass door: the brightest! It is still very resistant, thanks to double or triple burglar-proof glass.

You can also increase the brightness by choosing a custom door model with transoms or thirds. Located near or above your door, these glass areas let in daylight.