the Urbanites

From Isle of Wight Rock – a music anthology: ‘We put the Urbanites together for a gig at Shanklin Pier. We rehearsed in Ron Penney’s shed and in here. I think we only did two gigs, Shanklin Pier and the Sloop. It just folded up. Nathan buggered off. Nathan is a seriously good bass player.’ – John Lytle The band created backing for Rossalyn, a singer with a colourless tone which fits the mid eighties techno splat consumerism perfectly. Urbanite tracks include Jason and the Urbanites (Nathan King/Mike Jolliffe demo), Urbanology, Metroland, White Shadow, Sex And The Single Girl. An Urbanite explains the track Urbanology: ‘This was done in the back room of my house at Gurnard on the four track. It’s shapeless, formless, it says a lot about me and Nathan. In the story Jason has retired from the pop business, he’s bought an island. John Wroath developed the idea that Cerce was the sex god of rock ‘n’ roll. People were killed on her last tour. It’s modern life droning out over shopping malls. John quotes the titles of Sci-fi books. ‘Urbanology’ is to be an Urbanite. That’s real Gurnard rain on the track. Metroland is a John Betjeman style story about a stockbroker sitting on the steps at a party and his wife saying ‘You really ought to get out of this business. White Shadow is an anti-apartheid song. Sex And The Single Girl is abut a prostitute.’ – Mike Jolliffe

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