Vaguely Sunny – Isle of Wight Rock Anthology

Mike Jolliffe’s musical career stretches from the late sixties to the present. He was soaking up all the influences that the Cherokees were bringing to the 69 Club and the Foulks were staging at their run of festivals from 1968 to 1970. We use the words ‘the chameleon of Isle of Wight Rock to describe him because he seems to have played in every kind of music combo, from folk to punk and beyond. On Isle of Wight Rock’s first CD, ‘Vaguely Sunny’ he turns up in the Urbanites and in the short lived Dancer. We also feature him in his own right performing a song with Gurnard Bay written all over it, Beachboats. We selected the track not just because it is a damn fine song but that it also features the talents of Nathan King, Jeff Bassett and Debbie Pidgeon. Jeff Bassett has a solo CD out and is believed to be in Germany. Nathan King is in London these days and performing in bands and also theatres. Recently he was in the Blues Brothers live show at the Southampton Mayflower.

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